Relevant Research

The Health of the States: Spotlight on Life Expectancy and Mortality (PDF)

The Center on Society and Health, in partnership with the Urban Institute, has released another report from the Health of the States (HOTS) project ranking states on dozens of health outcomes and examining the links between those outcomes and over 100 determinants of health. This supplement, focused on measures of longevity, documents major differences in life expectancy and other measures and reinforces the importance of social, economic, and environmental factors in shaping our health.

State of American Well-Being: Active Living Environments in the U.S. (PDF)

A report from Gallup and Healthways shows that active living environments—those communities that invest in bike paths, parks, walkability and public transit—have residents with better outcomes in key aspects of well-being.

A Framework for Public Health Action: The Health Impact Pyramid

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Thomas R. Frieden describes the five tier pyramid, a framework for the improvement of public health, by analyzing the impact of several community public health interventions and their impact potential.

Who Healthy Cities Project: Promoting Health in the Urban Context

A concept paper defining a "Healthy City" within a historical, urban and health context.  Also included are: A description of the concept of a "Health City"; conducting an assessment of the health of a city; methods for achieving a healthy city; and creating a vision for a healthy city.  

Healthy Cities: A Guide to the Literature

A literature review on "Healthy Cities" and initiatives by city governments, international agencies, NGOs and community organizations to improve health in cities within "Healthy Cities" programs and projects.

Twenty Steps for Developing a Healthy Cities Project

This publication is intended to provide guidance and a framework for cities that are in the process of introducing a Healthy Cities project or expanding an existing one. Three phases of "Healthy Cities" Project development are described: the starting up process, project organization and areas for action and strategic work.

Healthy Cities and the City Planning Process: A Background Document on Links Between Health and Urban Planning

The paper explores and analyzes the relationship between urban planning and public health in terms of history and current issues in cities. It presents approaches to develop healthy urban planning practices and cities.

Healthy Cities Initiative: Approaches and Experience in the African Region

A manual to facilitate the initiation and development of the Healthy Cities approach in the African Region.  

A Short Guide to Implementing the Healthy City Programme

The purpose of this guide is to provide members of healthy city coordinating committees, healthy city programme trainers, local partners, nongovernmental organizations, stakeholders, and key health and social service workers with practical ways and procedures to implement the programme effectively. 

The Healthy Cities Working Paper for The Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities