Cumberland County, North Carolina

Cumberland County, NC Department of Public HealthPopulation: 332,330
Project focus: Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns

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Cumberland County Department of Public Health, with NC Works Workforce Development Board, Fort Bragg Department of Public Health, Pathways for Prosperity and Friends of the Health Department, seeks to improve food accessibility by partnering with local residents and using community data to understand the needs of their locality.

This project will be driven by engaging community organizations in a robust data collection effort that will provide important information on food access in the region. In addition, a resident-led food policy council will be created in order to utilize this data to improve access to foods that promote health and make monumental changes in the Cumberland County area. Partnering with the community and agencies, this information will be used to identify potential solutions and then utilize the help of residents and partner organizations to implement these solutions throughout the county. This coordinated effort will meaningfully engage an array of stakeholders and co-create solutions that will highlight how powerful a resident lead initiative can be!


  • Sign a charter between Cumberland County and Ft. Bragg that establishes a joint County and Installation Food Policy Council
  • Commence a Food System Assessment, including at least three policy recommendations
  • Implement at least two policies, systems, or environmental priorities identified by the Food Policy Council

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