York Healthy Homes Collaborative

Location: York County, Pennsylvania, population 442,867

The Problem: Children are being exposed to secondhand smoke, and adults and adolescents are current cigarette smokers.

York Healthy HomesHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: The York Healthy Homes Collaborative project will take an existing city wide health and wellness initiative and broaden it to include the entire York County and some additional components that can affect Healthy Housing. This new project will use evidence-based best  practices to address population health and equity by delivering education to low-income families throughout the community. Seamlessly combining lead hazard control, asthma trigger remediation, smoking cessation, secondhand smoke concerns for children, and promoting physical activity, while also teaching basic safety measures (fire, radon, carbon monoxide) with energy efficiency improvement, the YHHC will provide an easy way for residents to access education and necessary resources to improve their homes.