Tulsa Healthy Cities Coalition

Location: Tulsa County, Oklahoma, population 639,242

The Problem: Adults are consuming less than five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

man smiling from food truckThe Healthiest Cities & Counties Approach: Tulsa Healthy Cities Coalition is working to reduce obesity and state food insecurity by making it easier for residents to purchase and eat fruits and vegetables. The project plans to increase healthy food options, increase nutrition education and decrease the barriers to healthy and affordable food options. Through this approach, the coalition will request that community venues, restaurants, mobile vendors and corner stores make health food options more easily available and will engage local clinics and schools to host educational events. In order to tackle the barriers that might face residents, the program will choose either a mobile grocer, farmers market, or pop up grocery store that accepts SNAP or WIC purchases in each community and offer free transportation.

Food deserts are areas that lack access to affordable fruits, vegetables and other foods that make up a full and healthy diet. As an Innovator City in the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge, the Tulsa Health Department is working to address the food desert issue that thousands of Tulsa’s most vulnerable residents face. #healthiestcitieschallenge

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