Healthy St. Pete Empowering Change

NEWS UPDATE: St. Petersburg is a Spotlight Award Honorable Mention!

Recognition: The Food is Medicine program strives to improve the health of people living in low food access areas through continuing education, community collaboration, bio-metric screenings, and participant incentives. The program offers six weeks of courses in wellness, nutrition, healthy cooking and more.

a vendor sells fruits and vegetables

“Your class truly taught me how to cook healthy by measuring food amounts and the spices, cooking with different oils and why, making better food choices when shopping and truly thinking of each item I buy and what is it made of. Thank you for making a difference in my family's life.” - A family’s story about the Cooking Matters program offered by the University of Florida/IFAS Extension under Food is Medicine

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, population 257,083

The Problem: Adults age 18 and older are consuming less than five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

St. Petersburg accepted the challenge to eat play and live healthyHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: This project will unite the University of Florida FIAS Extension, All Children's Hospital, American Heart Association and the Florida Department of Health to address both health behaviors and the built environment within St. Petersburg. The program will serve children, adults and seniors in low-income or low access areas of the city and designated food deserts and will work to invoke policy change regarding nutritional access and availability.