Live Well Communities

Location: San Diego County, California, population 3.3 million

The Problem: A high number of crimes per 100,000 people are reported in the area.

San Diego gardenHealthiest Cities & Counties Approach: The vision of Live Well Communities is to create the chance for all residents of San Diego County - regardless of geographic location, age group, gender, race/ethnicity or socio-economic level - to Live Well. The project will address several problems that have been identified as priority issues in the historically underserved communities of southeast San Diego, such as creating jobs, addressing crime, improving access to healthy foods, strengthening families and increasing community capacity for leadership and civic engagement. Live Well Communities hopes to touch on multiple areas of influence throughout San Diego and improve the lives of many residents.

Lack of physical activity, limited access to fresh food and cigarette smoking are responsible for more than 50 percent of preventable deaths in San Diego County. As an Innovator City in the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge, San Diego is creating more healthy days through the Live Well Communities program. #healthiestcitieschallenge