Wellness Warriors: Integrating Nutrition and Exercise into Richmond's Public Housing Communities

NEWS UPDATE: Public Health Director Dr. Danny Avula and Fitness Warrior Lakeshia Allen talked with APHA's David Richards about the relationship between housing and health in Richmond. Listen to Episode 6: Richmond Fitness Warriors of the Healthy Communities Podcast.

Location: Richmond, Virginia, population 220,289

The Problem: Adults are consuming less than five servings of fruits and vegetables each day and are reporting low levels of physical activity.

three women smilingHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: In order to address the lack of physical activity and low access to nutritious food experienced by many low-income residents of Richmond, Virginia’s six public housing communities, the Richmond City Health District will create public housing-based resource centers.  These centers will serve as a hub through which residents are connected with fun, culturally appropriate, healthy physical activities and local food access programs. Increased physical activity, consumption of healthy foods and expanded knowledge of the basic principles of exercising and eating well will improve health among these individuals and families.