New Haven Asthma Alliance

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Location: New Haven, Connecticut, population 130,322

The Problem: Children are exposed to secondhand smoke and adults report using tobacco products, and New Haven has the highest rate of asthma hospitalization in Connecticut.

group of kids and adults smilingHealthiest Cities & Counties Approach: The New Haven Asthma Alliance brings together the health, education, youth services and housing sectors to lower the impact of asthma on low-income children. Under the alliance, New Haven will give school nurses access to children’s medical records, allowing them to serve as a middle man between students, families, medical providers and community agencies. These nurses can refer students to asthma-focused summer camps and help families enroll in smoking cessation programs. The goal of the program is to decrease childhood asthma and exposure to second hand smoke, as well as to help parents quit smoking.

New Haven has been recognized as an Innovator City in the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge for the Asthma Alliance program — a coordinated effort to reduce the impact of asthma on low-income children’s lives. #healthiestcitieschallenge