Location: Monroe County, Indiana, population 144,705

The Problem: Inequitable childhood conditions prevent all community members from having the opportunity for optimal physical, social and emotional health

drawing of people holding handsHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: Building a Thriving Compassionate Community is a diverse network of local stakeholders working to make Monroe County, Indiana, the best place in the country to be a child. BTCC's project, SSNREd Up!, will focus on policy, practice and environmental changes that allow children to grow up with safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments. The strategies are grounded in the understanding that healthy kids grow into healthy adults, and when we improve conditions for children, we create more opportunities for everyone to thrive. Through collective impact that leverages the "health in all policies" approach, BTCC will target food access and security, living wage, quality childcare access, and social inclusion as drivers of equity and well-being.