Tallahassee iGROW Enhancement and Expansion

NEWS UPDATE: Leon County is a Spotlight Award Winner

Recognition: The iGrow Food Network is a culturally-competent youth empowerment and urban agriculture entrepreneurship program of the Tallahassee Food Network that is leveraging community partnerships to focus on education, outreach and community engagement to achieve food security in a low food access area.


Man teaches boy about gardening

“[iGrow] Promotes good community and environmental sustainability.” – Daniel L., FSU Student

Location: Tallahassee, Florida, population 286,272

The Problem: Lack of access to healthy foods.

smiling woman in front of fresh greensHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: This project is working to address pockets of food source inequality in Tallahassee and Leon County. Food sources will be increased in the Fairbanks Ferry Road area, and the project will continue to improve what is currently underway in the Southside and Frenchtown communities.