Dutchess County & City of Poughkeepsie Microgreen Project

Location: Dutchess County, New York, population 295,754

The Problem: Adults are consuming less than five servings of fruits and vegetables each day and do not have access to healthy food options.

Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: The Dutchess County & City of Poughkeepsie Microgreens Project will address the problem of access to food in the City of Poughkeepsie. This microgreens project will supplement the nutritional needs of children and seniors and will provide employment to ex-offenders leaving the Dutchess County jail. Dutchess County and its partners will include nutrient dense microgreens in the diets of children and seniors and will track the positive health outcomes and renewed energy. Additionally, the growth of the program will provide employment options for both ex-offenders reentering the community and for residents currently receiving public assistance.

Healthy eating can be a hit! Poughkeepsie City School District Chef Dave Dunn, left, incorporated microgreens into large hero sandwiches made blueberry and raspberry smoothies blended with microgreens for fifth graders at Krieger Elementary School.

photo collage of chef making sandwiches including microgreens  kids enjoying smoothies

As part of National Public Health Week, Dutchess County welcomed New York State Health Commissioner Howard A. Zucker to Poughkeepsie to join many of our local seniors and inner-city schoolchildren who are benefitting from microgreens in their diets, as part of our Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge project.

National Public Health Week collage with people speaking at different events

Check out this video highlighting an open house hosted by Dutchess County partners to inform the  media about the Challenge project:

And this video features Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro announcing that the county is part of the HealthyCommunity50 and is launching a new health program to introduce nutrient-dense microgreens into the diets of vulnerable populations: