Grow-Mobile and Health Oasis Caravan Program

NEWS UPDATE: Moria Nagy, president of DeKalb County Community Gardens, talked with APHA's David Richards about hunger and food insecurity. Listen to Episode 3: Grow-Mobile of the Healthy Communties Podcast.

Location: Dekalb County, Illinois, population 104,352

The Problem: Due to the recent year-long Illinois state budget standoff, there is an immediate need for programs to help individuals access fresh, healthy food.  

man and woman smiling in gardenHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: The DeKalb County Community Gardens Grow-Mobile is a pop-up food market and education center that can access food deserts throughout the county. By bringing locally grown produce, along with health educators, to these communities, DeKalb County Community Gardens can lead the way to impacting many lives. DeKalb County Community Gardens will use information regarding the areas of most need from partnerships and will team up with an organization that runs a Meals-on-Wheels program throughout the county, allowing the Grow-Mobile program to be quickly mobilized.