Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Food Policy Council Population: 302,407
Project focus: Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns

Pittsburgh Food Policy Council, with the City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission, Allegheny County Health Department and American Heart Association – Greater Pittsburgh will build grassroots efforts and support resident leadership to pass a city-wide food policy.

This effort will form a food policy framework that will lay out plans to build healthy neighborhoods, expand healthy food enterprises, address transportation barriers and provide access to foods that support healthy eating patterns within Pittsburgh. The team will create a shared vocabulary of what constitutes a healthy food environment and bring together a variety of activities and programs within the food system at both the city and county level. The Pittsburgh initiative also plans to improve data sharing to better inform and support their food policy action. The project’s focus on health equity emphasizes the importance of policy action and how institutions can work together to make policy changes a reality!