Sandoval Health Booklet

Location: Sandoval County, New Mexico, population 139,394

The Problem: Diabetes and obesity are leading health problems in Sandoval County, especially among Hispanic,  Native American and low-income populations.

Our Health AmbassadorsHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: In Sandoval, New Mexico, children will act as young health ambassadors for healthy behaviors in their families and will work to improve nutrition and physical activity through fun and easy activities. The Sandoval Health Collaborative created a booklet, along with activities, menus, videos and health resource links, for young health ambassadors to use as they encourage their families to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Family at a picnicOn a recent field trip for 40 first and second graders, Challenge participants encouraged "Eat Well" behaviors and showcased how the community and city partners work together to reinforce "10x10" messages for our young health ambassadors.